Thursday, November 22, 2012

Days of Thanks

 Happy Thanksgiving!

It's November, which means it's almost Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is hardly noticed anymore I thought I would take a Facebook meme and apply it to blog land. A few words of thanks from the first day of November all the way to Thanksgiving day.

1. Thankful for my good friend Amy who made my family dinner when I wasn't sure how I was going to make it happen.

2. Thankful for my mom, Michelle, and Lisa for taking me to lunch on my birthday.

3. Thankful for all my friends and family who sent me birthday love via Facebook.

4. Thankful that my knee allows me to do The Dailey Method (I had ACL replacement and meniscus repair late August).

5. Thankful for a hard working husband. Love you Jeff!

6. Thankful for the right to vote.

7. Thankful for the banter of 3 boys in the living room.

8. Thankful for warm fires and hot coffee on cool Fall days.

9. Thankful for mom's words of wisdom, I now have serious leverage. Trevor earned an iPod but never has access to it due to behavior and missing school assignments.

10. Thankful for family movie night.

11. Thankful that Scout (our dog) puts a smile on my face each and every day, no matter what my mood is.

12. Thankful for the men and women who represent our country, keep us safe, and continue to fight for our freedoms. Thank you for your service, you are all greatly appreciated.

13. Thankful for 3 boys getting along and playing UNO. This is rare, they usually end up fighting and throwing the cards out of frustration.

14. Thankful for good friends, good wine, and good food.

15. Thankful for all the goodness that touches my life each and every day.

16. Thankful for the comedy the boys bring me when I least expect it.

17. Thankful for dessert, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.

18. Thankful that my family can and is overcoming uncertainties.

19. Thankful for a nice day spent with my mom and boys.

20. Thankful my sister is doing well, has a beautiful family and a successful restaurant.....even if it is halfway around the world.

21. Thankful my boys enjoy helping me bake. Luke is helping make Monkey Balls, Trevor is helping make apple pie, and Adam is helping make pumpkin pie. At least they will know how to bake.....

22. Happy Thanksgiving!