Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ungrateful little grunts.....

I have three of them.
That's what they are.

Where have I gone wrong? Better yet, where did society go wrong? And because I am part of society I have gone wrong too. I know it starts with the parent. But I can't see where.....unless this is just my demise for having 3 boys.

It's not that I am too easy on them. It's not that I am too hard on them. I am somewhere in the middle. Hmmm.....that can be telling. Maybe I should be too hard on them. Harder anyway.

It's sad but true.

Can't seem to be satisfied with dinner.

Certainly incapable of saying "Thank You" to the person who took them in all day (pretty much just today).

Grumpy with me when I pick up, as if I have created mass distress.

Attitude about dinner...."I'm not eating!" THAT'S FINE BY ME!!!!!

Pounding on the wall.


Name calling.

Incessant crying.

Destruction of my personal belonging because they are mad at me.

Complete, total, unjustifiable, obstinacy.

Need I say more?

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Am Haunted

By socks!
Socks on the ground by the truck.

On the living-room floor.....Jeff (who NEVER leaves anything out).

More on the living-room floor.

Under the dining-room table.

In the back room......5 feet from the laundry room.

In a corner in the kitchen.

And in the plants.

My boys leave socks EVERYWHERE! They also leave them in the truck, the Jeep, at the sand pile, in the orchard, on the patio, in the driveway, next to their laundry basket, in the bathroom, in my room (next to a laundry basket), in the tub, in the garden......and the list goes on. I am happy to report that I haven't found one in the toilet.....YET (I hope I didn't jinx myself with that last one).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally! It's Finished!

Last March we went to Idaho for a family wedding. It was a whirl wind trip of driving 2 days, going to the wedding 1 day and then driving back home another 2 days. The boys missed 1.5 days of school (I didn't want to do Independent Study (IS) with them). I think Jeff would have liked to stay a bit longer to do some exploring and visiting with family members, but wasn't willing to help with the IS so I put my foot down and said we aren't staying. (I know, mean, mean wife).

So when we found out about the wedding I knew I wanted to make a quilt. I made my sister a very simple baby blanket that didn't need piecing so I'm not counting that as a quilt made.

Here it is:
This is the front. I got the recipe for this at Moda Bake Shop. They have lots of recipes to make some very cool things.

This is the back. I struggled with piecing it toghether so it isn't perfect, but I guess that will give it character.

Here's to family and quilts!