Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life with Boys

Never a dull moment with 3 boys in the house.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

For Such a Time Desings

Do you like silverware?
Real silver silverware?
How about re-purposed silverware?
I have the perfect little Etsy shop for such a thing.

For Such a Time Designs

Aly makes the most fun, conversational, and unique silverware I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure she hunts high and low at antique stores, garage sales, good will, etc. to find the perfect silverware and personally hand stamps a fun, loving message on each one. You can even have her make a special order. For instance I have a pair of dinner forks that say KING and QUEEN on the fork part, and our anniversary date on the handle. I'm waiting to give them to Jeff for our anniversary. 

Here is something I am looking forward to putting in my cart when she opens up again.

Aly's store is closed for the holiday, but she will be open again in the New Year. You can also like her Facebook page and check out some of the amazing things she has created.

Go check it out!