Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Magic of 12

12 things I love about Jeff

1. He is a hard working man.
2. He works so hard, I get to stay home with the boys.
3. He is patient with the boys.
4. He loves me despite my short temper, lack of patience, and through all my rants.
5. He will surprise me with flowers for no apparent reason.
6. He tolerates the dog being in the house even though he would rather her be outside.
7. He doesn't complain about my clutter piles....I am getting better at these.
8. If I am having a hard time he will take the boys or send me out the door to cool off.
9. He is patient with me, no matter how ridiculous I am being.
10. He doesn't complain when our school auction takes over our time together.
11. He takes the boys on Sunday's so I can go play soccer with my girlfriends.
12. He has been known to surprise me with a babysitter and a dinner on our anniversary when I had planned on a quiet evening at home.