Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeep Fun

Okay, about 3 years ago we purchased a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. Jeff just had to have it because it was the LAST year Jeep was to make this particular style. We went to a dealership and he proceed to test drive one of the models on the lot. He liked it.......okay, he LOVED it. He test drove the silver, but told me "Suzi, this is going to be your Jeep, what color do you want?" So I think on it for a bit and come back with "Navy Blue". Nice color right? Well, Jeff checked with another dealer and was told they couldn't get blue so what is my next choice? I choose Forest Green, another nice color right? Again we are told that they couldn't find the green? So again I am asked what color would I prefer, at this point Jeff has made it abundantly clear that he REALLY likes the silver which I am not thrilled with. I tell him another color, a sandy color. Once more we are told that they can't find the color we have chosen, so Jeff comes home with a silver Jeep. I think he opted for the silver rather than look for any of my color options.

So I am now the proud owner of a SILVER Jeep. My first choice of off road vehicles would be an International Scout II, but I can deal with a Jeep. I have to admit it is fun to drive around, after all it is funny to see "A Man's Man" do a double take when they see a girl drive a Jeep on steroids.

Life with a Jeep is not all sh**s and giggles, there is the cleaning part. Which brings me to today. Jeff has been asking me since mid-November to "Please vacuum the Jeep so I can put the hard top on." Well, today after my run I proceed to vacuum and clean the Jeep with a bit of help from the husband. As I am vacuuming he is using his blower to eradicate as much dust and dirt as possible. Many would think that helpful. I, on the other hand, found it frustrating due to the dirt and dust being blown in my face and the fact that it was leaving more dirt for me to clean up after the initial clean up. Mind you this Jeep has been "cleaned" one other me. Now it is of my opinion that if 4 boys take it out and trash the interior, then they should do what they can to clean it out. Not the opinion of said 4 boys. Something is wrong with this picture. I think it is now my job, as a woman, to teach at least 3 of those boys the importance of cleaning after oneself. What do you think?


Photo Watermark Software Team said...

Nice car, i like the jeep very much, so cool.

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Julia said...

There will never be a day that the King's don't live up to the axiom of "leave a wrapper a day somewhere for Mom to pick up!"

Mountain Woman said...

I found your blog from "The Apron Goddess" and I would love to have your recipe for beer can chicken.
I love the Jeep but I have no suggestions about the cleaning part. Our farm vehicles have never had a clean interior and I wouldn't know what they look like without the dirt.

jori-o said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by today...and I'm so glad you did because you are obviously a woman familiar with off-roading. My hubs has an FJ Cruiser and has taken it out on a few little off-road adventures and he's DYING to take me out with him...only thing is I am TERRIFIED of it. We went for about 10 minutes today and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. And I know that what we did was pretty mild. Any advice? How long have you been doing it? Were you hesitant at first?? Hope you don't mind my pathetic neediness! Oh, and nice to meet you! ;)