Monday, February 28, 2011

What do the IRS and DMV have in common today?


I spent the better part of today waiting in lines. At the IRS. At DMV. Loads of fun I tell you. What does it take for government officials to do their job? I certainly can't answer that question, but I feel as if they are over paid and under worked.

Last June, late June, I sent in paper work with money so my husband is able to run his truck on the highways. Ordinarily I get some sort of receipt back to show proof of payment in order to prove to the DMV that the tax was paid. Well.....this year? The IRS FAILED! Sadly, I didn't realize this until the DMV sent back our registration requesting more info....proof of the tax being paid. This is the reason I ended up at the IRS.

So, I get to the IRS and wait in line. For. Twenty. Minutes. I get a number (the lady at the front desk moves at a snails pace, it's no wonder it took 20 minutes to get through 8 people). I go sit and wait some more. Finally my number is called and guess what? I can't get my stamp that says I paid. I have all the paper work in my hands with a copy of the cashed check. You would think this would be enough, right? WRONG! Because I am not on the account they can't look at my paper work and give me a stamp. I have to have Jeff fill out a form that allows the IRS to give me the necessary stamp. That means that I have to track him down at the job site. Effective time management. I mean it's not like I am asking them to hack into his tax account and reveal any information. I. Want. A. Stamp. A stamp that says I paid for the tax.

I track Jeff down, have him fill out the paper work and head back to the IRS. Fortunately the lady that was helping me told me to ask for her and she would see me. However, I have to wait in the dreaded line to tell the jokers at the front desk what I need. That line was about 20 minutes. Again. Thankfully she saw me right away and gave me the stamp. It was only a 3 hour ordeal.

The DMV, on the other hand, doesn't care who brings them money or paper work. I got in and out of that institution in about 40 minutes. Not with out a hiccup though. My paper work for them said I only needed this proof of tax payment. When the clerk got on the computer it showed I needed to show proof of insurance too. What. A. Joke. I was ready to lose it, but she decided it was easier to go off the government paper work I presented to her rather than the computer. Lesson learned, I need to also bring proof of insurance too. Thank goodness she was so amenable, unlike the IRS.

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rachel... said...

Oh man, I am infuriated on your behalf! Nothing so irritating as inefficiency!