Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have always admired tattoos. My dad had one. I even got the gumption to go into a tattoo shop with the intention of getting one. What stopped me? The tattoo I wanted was very "in", but they didn't have any in a small size, you know the size that would fit on the ankle. The sizes they had were large enough to cover a large portion of my arm, leg, lower back, or where ever I decided to put it. The other reason was some advice from my dad "Don't get a tattoo unless it is something you truly believe in, something you will believe in for the rest of your life". He had one and it was something he believed in. His was a parachute with the word paratrooper under it....he was in the Army.

The tattoo I considered was a:

As much as I love sunflowers I have to say that I am glad I didn't get one permanently placed on my body.

My husband would flip if I ever got one, but I saw this one and fell for tattoos all over again. I have had fleeting thoughts about them over the years. My latest thought about them would be to get 3 small stars, one for each kid and have their first initial put in or near the star. Like I said, they are thoughts, fleeting thoughts at that....


Tink said...

I'm with you, tattoos are something you have to be in love with for the rest of your life.