Monday, January 19, 2009


Doesn't he look sweet? This is my #2 and boy does he have the "middle child" syndrome going for him. On a daily basis I am bombarded and abused with words of love dissension. He usually spouts these phrases off when he isn't getting his way. I don't know, maybe his verbal barrage means that I am doing something right. Although at the time I feel a bit overwhelmed. So here goes:

"I HATE you!"

"You're ugly!"

"You're mean!"

"I wish you were dead!"

"I wish you weren't my mom!"

"You're the worst mommy EVER!"

"I am going to run away!"

Isn't that the look of pure joy? This is the face I am faced with on a regular basis. Recently he has added to his repertoire, which involves some self-loathing. Instead of telling me how he feels about me he tells me what he thinks I feel about him. When this occurs he is usually getting into trouble for making poor choices. A lot of them reflect the previous statements.

"You hate me."

"You don't want me anymore."

"I'm stupid."

"I'm an idiot."

"I hate myself."

I can only hope that this too is one of those phases that will pass and never again return. Like I said it is overwhelming, especially when I have 2 others who want or need my attention. I just have to remind him that I love him and hope that it sinks in to the point where he truely believes me.

When he knows he has done something wrong or realizes that I am at my breaking point he will come over and hug me. Only at night will he give me a kiss and tell me "I love you". When he does give me words of kindness I think to myself "He's going to be okay." Or at least I hope he is.


blognut said...

That's a REALLY cute unhappy face.

Tink said...

I do think it is a stage. It is good that you do reinforce the love and positive things in his life.

Suzi said...

Thanks Tink!

tara @ kidz said...

Oh poor little guy. I'm sure it's just a phase and he'll realize how much he loves his mommy who loves him so much.

Yikes, motherhood is not for wusses, that's for sure!

Julia said...

I think Trevor knows what he is doing when he says the "You don'ts" and the "I'ms" and he is just trying to get you going. He is the master manipulator after all. This is the same kind of stuff his uncle does... Mike really says the same stuff to all of us over here. THat must be where Trevor learned it.

Grand Pooba said...

Sounds like he's learned how to push just the right buttons to get your attention! My nephew went through that stage when his baby sister was born (he's the middle child too) so I'm sure it's just a phase!

But blognut is right, that's the cutest unhappy face I've ever seen!

Midwest Mommy said...

That expression on his face is so hard not to giggle at. What a little man :-)
I am sure it is a stage. Right now I only have 2 kids so i haven't experienced the whole middle child thing.