Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Officially Official

I am a soccer mom in the true meaning of the words Soccer Mom. I have been playing soccer, on and off, for the past 31 years. I took time off in order to have kids and repair a torn ACL. I tried my hand at volleyball in high school, but soccer kept calling my missed me as much as I missed playing. When I moved away from home and went to college I signed up to play recreational soccer and the rest is history.

Now the burning question for the last 8 years was "Which one of my boys will play soccer?" I was never really sure if any of them would because none asked to play (and I am not the mom who will force their kid into doing something just because I think they should do it.) Well, at the end of Fall season Trevor asked if he could play. I was thrilled, but we had to wait until Spring....which was a whopping 3 months away. At the time of sign-ups I asked Adam if he would want to play, he was hesitant asking "Trevor are you going to play?" Once he knew the answer for Trevor he made the decision to play. That was even more exciting. Two out of three boys want to play soccer. Yippee!

Adam is #5 on the Purple Dragons.

He really enjoys soccer. I think he is a natural born defender (just like mom). He has taken to the sport like he has been playing since he was 2. Natural! What can I say? He has even scored a few goals. EX.CI.TING!

Trevor is #8 and he plays for the Grey Dragons. Original, I know. Apparently "Dragons" are a popular team name in this league.

Trevor was a little hesitant at the first practice. In fact he told me he wanted to quit and he hated the sport, his team, and his coach. It turns out he was upset because he didn't know the names of his team mates. Once we got that figured out he fell right into it with out any problems. He has progressed well each week and looks forward to practices. Trevor took on a job I would NEVER take. He played goalie in the second half of the game. He did a great job, nobody scored on him. He is very brave to play that position.

I am so proud of them both! (Can you tell?)


Aunt Spicy said...

Nice action shots! And way to go kids!

Julia said...

Yeah for soccer boys. :) I am glad T. likes SOMETHING...

Grand Pooba said...

Oh no, not the ACL! I love soccer, that is awesome that you still play! The boys are following in their mother's footsteps! (In a non-girly way)