Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm full of it these days. Before kids I would take to the street and

Now that I have kids I have to find other outlets, after all I can't just get up and go anymore. Once school is in session I will be able to do that, as well as get back into a routine that doesn't involve dragging them all over the place. My outlet still involves getting physical, it helps to get out the pent up energy, frustrations, etc. As of late my task has been to stack

It's like a science to stack. Some people have a building to prop the pile up against, while others use 2 trees as their guide. Me? What do I use? My brain. In order to stack it so that it doesn't fall over you have to create an end that is stable and sturdy. It needs to be squared laying the wood in one direction and then laying the wood in the opposite direction as I build. Because I have to think about what I am doing and placing the wood properly, my mind works out the frustrations and angst that have built up during the summer.

I also have a tendency to bake. Well, actually, I love to bake. When I'm hit with frustrations that I can't run or exercise off I will bake. Today I made some of these

Who doesn't love a bit of chocolaty goodness? Me? I could eat the whole pan! I won't because my body is already falling into the shape it was in prior to a rigorous exercise program. Another good thing about school is that I WILL be able to get back into an exercise routine. Once the brownies cooled off I decided I needed to share with my SIL....see she gets to have a piece of my angst (the chocolate of course).

What works for you?


Julia said...

Well, sharing your brownie angst just fees my fat ass angst! LOL. I guess volleyball is good for angst. Thank goodness I can play at night...

The countdown is close now. Just a few more days. Just breathe.

GOOGLE-PH said...


San-Dee said...

Well, if you're still angsting, I have a mimosa tree that was cut down last year and still needs to be stacked-hop on a plane to Baltimore and I'll pick you up and bring you down. KS left for London Thursday, and with Lilli in Tempe, we are again childless in the house and trying to establish the old routine. "Breeze in, breeze out"- school will start soon and you will have some "me" time, making "together" time so much sweeter. Hang in, you can do it!

Grand Pooba said...

I would happily share in your angst! Fat ass or not LOL!

I love that you "stack" I never thought there was so much to stacking wood!

I'm with you on the baking. I must bake.