Monday, September 20, 2010

A Teachable Moment

Teachable moments are priceless.

Teachable moments are valuable.

Teachable moments are important.

Yesterday's teachable moment was all of the above, but might not have been under other circumstances.

I was at soccer, about 45 minutes away from home. This is the norm for us on a Sunday. I play soccer and Jeff has the boys. It is my few hours of peace, quiet, sheer enjoyment.....without interruption. I am happy to make the drive if it means some "me time" and a bit of sanity.

Jeff took the boys to the yard, which is about 20 minutes through town. It's a truck yard. We keep our equipment there, my BIL and his business partner run their business from there, and we rent space to truckers who need a place to park their rigs. So when the rental spaces are full there could be any number of people on the premises. And it's any combination of people we either know personally or don't know at all.

I go to pick the boys up from the yard late afternoon and they are bursting in conversation. They all want to tell me about their day at the yard. What they did, who they saw, what they had for lunch. I'm listening and it all sounds good. They had a great day!

Later that evening I let Jeff know that none of the boys get dessert, they had quite a bit of "junk" at the yard. He proceeds to tell me that they didn't have anything dessert like at the yard. I told him that Bubba and Trevor went for a ride to get some Laffy Taffy and some Drumsticks to share with the dads and other boys. Jeff looks at me a bit perplexed.

Jeff: "Trevor didn't leave the property."

Me: "Ah, you didn't know about this?"

Jeff: "What do you mean he left? Trevor did you go with Bubba to the store?"

Trevor: "Dad, you knew!"

Jeff: "Uh....did you ask me if you could go?"

Trevor: "No, but you were right there when Bubba said we were going to the store."

Jeff: "Did you ask me?"

Trevor: (crying) "No!"

We have ALWAYS told them they need to make sure one of us knows where they are and who they are with before they are to go anywhere.

So the teachable moment for Trevor was that he needs to remember to ask before he goes. Another teachable moment for him was the realization that he could have left, without Jeff's knowledge, and never come back. We explained that someone with bad intentions could have taken him and we would never see him again. Fortunately we know Bubba and have know him for many years.

The teachable moment for Jeff? Keep better tabs on your kids! One of them left and he had no idea.

It could have been a very scary situation.

Thank goodness it wasn't.


Tink said...

OMG that sounds so scary. Thank goodness he is safe.

San-Dee said...

sounds like Jeff and Trevor both need a hug because they realize they messed up.... thank G-d he was with someone you know so well.....

Julia said...

Um. What can I say...

Mz.Elle said...

My husband is clueless when it comes to stuff like this. He's an excellent Dad when it comes to most other things but his supervision skills SUCK and I can't trust the kids to be watched properly when I'm not around,so I know well those feelings.

I'm so glad your boy is safe!

rachel... said...

So scary. I'm sure both learned an important lesson. My husband is much like Mz.Elle's. I don't trust his 'supervision' at all, and to leave kids with him causes me anxiety!

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