Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get The Hell Out!

Remember THIS post? Well, the fighting didn't stop after the crazy ass woman shouting at the top of her lungs came out. In fact it was better for a few days and then they were right back at it. Fighting. In. The. Backseat. It makes me CRAZY!

I started thinking about what might make an impact on them and save my sanity. It hit me one day on the way home from school when Trevor and Luke were fighting. They were nit picking, arguing, touching each other, and just being obnoxious towards each other. We got to a road near our house that the kids used to refer to as "The Turkey Hunt" road (we used to see a bunch of wild turkeys on this road when they were younger and drive down it to check them out) and I turned down it (we live on a very busy road that doesn't have sidewalks and this road is hardly ever traveled) and kicked them out. They both dropped their jaws and looked at me like I WAS crazy. I looked back at them and told them again, very calmly I might add, to get out. I then proceeded to tell them that if they had that much negative energy to get out of their systems then they could run it out. They got to run that road all the way to the end. Once at the end they were allowed to get back into the truck.

I thought for sure that would solve the problem. I thought wrong......they got back into the truck and started in on each other......again! Well I went across our road to another one that linked back up to our road and told them, calmly, to get out. Luke was smart he got out right away and started to run. Trevor tried to hop into the bed of the truck but was quickly jumping back out when he saw me get out of the truck. I blew by them and waited at the end of the road. Luke made good time, but Trevor was a bit slower.

You think that cured them? Not at all. The got back into the truck and started in on each other again. At this point there wasn't anywhere to drop them off safely so I drove home and they each got to do a few laps around our 5 acre property. Hee hee hee, it was fun to watch them get mad at me and forget their nit picking ways on each other.

I have only had to do that 2 other times. Driving to school and back is much more bearable. I am fully satisfied with how carpool goes these days and I won't hesitate to do it again! What better way to get rid of the negative energy?


Aunt Spicy said...

Brilliant idea! Totally love that you made them do laps!

Debbie said...

I tried that once but my teenager wouldn't get out of the car! And he was bigger than me:(