Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ungrateful little grunts.....

I have three of them.
That's what they are.

Where have I gone wrong? Better yet, where did society go wrong? And because I am part of society I have gone wrong too. I know it starts with the parent. But I can't see where.....unless this is just my demise for having 3 boys.

It's not that I am too easy on them. It's not that I am too hard on them. I am somewhere in the middle. Hmmm.....that can be telling. Maybe I should be too hard on them. Harder anyway.

It's sad but true.

Can't seem to be satisfied with dinner.

Certainly incapable of saying "Thank You" to the person who took them in all day (pretty much just today).

Grumpy with me when I pick up, as if I have created mass distress.

Attitude about dinner...."I'm not eating!" THAT'S FINE BY ME!!!!!

Pounding on the wall.


Name calling.

Incessant crying.

Destruction of my personal belonging because they are mad at me.

Complete, total, unjustifiable, obstinacy.

Need I say more?


Teachinfourth said...

Sorry to hear about that...maybe this will help:

Or there's always that clip from Elizabethtown about the builder who blows up the house and talks about respect, too.