Friday, July 1, 2011

Facebook Challenge

At the beginning of the year I joined a challenge on facebook to make 5 handmade things with in the year 2011. The premise was if you comment on a friends post regarding handmade items then you had to post the initial post and the first 5 to respond will receive something handmade. And since I commented I, too, will receive something handmade.

Well I finally got off my tail and made the first of 5. I made a cute little table runner for an old friend from high school. I finished it last week and sent it off.

It is very simple in design, as you can see. The front is made up of squares and finished with a border on both ends.

The back is also simple. It has two red panels with a white panel in the middle. I finished the ends off with the same white border as the middle panel.

Very festive don't you think?


Tink said...

What a perfect July runner you made. Very nice Suzi, only 4 more handmade things left. :)