Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jax....Our Own Personal Elf

Better Late Than Never....
The Elf on the Shelf is a huge item this year. It's all any kid I know can talk about. I was hesitant about getting one and introducing it to my household because my oldest is 10 years old and I was concerned he wouldn't buy it. Well he did. If he thought any different he didn't say anything to me or anyone else. In fact, he even talked to the elf.

In no particular order, these are the places Jax was found:

1. Sitting on the window sill.

2. Eating a bowl of cereal at the dining room table.

3. Sitting on a bench with 3 Nutcrackers he brought back from the North Pole.

4. Floating in a hot air balloon to celebrate Adam's 8th birthday.

5. Hanging from a coat hook on the boys bedroom door watching them as they wake for the day.

6. Sitting in a votive candle holder.

7. Sitting on the night light in the bathroom.

8. Reading Christmas stories by the wood burning stove.

9. Eating Adam's birthday cake on the counter in the kitchen.

10. Eating popcorn at the dining room table (he made a mess of it too).

11. Hanging from the ceiling fan in the living room.

12. Hanging on a stocking holder.

13. Resting in a stocking.

14. Riding a LEGO fighter plane from Star Wars.

15. Playing with LEGO's at the window seat.

16. Tied up to a table leg surrounded by LEGO men (bad guys as my oldest put it) and small ornaments.

17. Sitting in a plant.

18. Sitting on a branch of the Christmas tree.

19. Sitting next to a LEGO dragon.

20. Sitting in the netting of an indoor basketball hoop.

21. Sitting in a glass that was turned upside down.

Since we didn't start this new tradition the day after Thanksgiving we don't have as many fun places to share.


Tink said...

How fun, Jax was quite mischievious.