Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer of 2013 - Top 10

1. Enjoyed a few days at the local water park. Can't beat a place that is all water all day. Water slides, the lazy river, water play structures, etc. Especially on a really hot day.

2. Enjoyed a few days at the local theme park. This was a bit more challenging. I have 3 boys and one of them is not a fan of roller coasters, makes him feel sick. Fortunately we went with some friends who also has a son who is not fond of roller coasters. We sent those two off to do the mild rides while the younger kids did the big roller coasters. The theme park also has a water park within the theme park. When the boys were done with the roller coasters they would go hang out in the water park.

3. We enjoyed a few days at the beach. The weather was warm, the clouds were at bay, the water refreshing. Lots of holes to dig, baseball games to be had, and friends to enjoy.

4. We took a week long vacation with 2 other families. There were 3 moms and 8 boys. That was fun. We stayed in a cabin and enjoyed the fresh air. We spent a day at the local logging pond and another day at a much bigger lake. The boys experienced rock jumping and loved it. Three of the boys fished and each caught a blue gill. They even had the pleasure of cleaning, cooking, and eating it.

5. We spent 4th of July at a friends neighborhood park where they rent a giant blowup water slide every year. It is a great way to spend the hot day. Lots of food, friends, drinks, and best of all fun for everyone.

6. Trevor spent a few days with his Nana. It was peaceful at home and he got some one on one attention that I feel he needs. Nana and Trevor had a good time together, but I think they were both happy to go back to a "normal" routine.

7. We went on a zip line.

8. The cousins from Montana came for a visit......TWICE. They were in heaven. The boys love their cousins and miss them very much.

9. There was lots of dirt bike riding. They rode with their cousins, some friends, a local cop, dad, uncle, and a Supercross pro who placed 13th.

10. Lots and lots of pool parties.

Summer was a blast! Now it's time to get back to school.


Heather said...

what a great summer!!!