Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

My kids go to a school where they teach through Project Based Learning (PBL). I love it! The teachers find a way to incorporate the current PBL into each and every subject. Right now Kindergarten is working on Nursery Rhymes and 2nd grade is working on Fairy Tales.

My 2nd grader has been reading all kinds of Fairy Tales and several versions of each Fairy Tale. Keeping with the PBL they get to write a Fractured Fairy Tale, which means they get to choose the one they like and tweak it in their own special way. Trevor decided to do Robin Hood. To finish off the Fairy Tale PBL they have to come to school dressed as one of the characters from their story and bring a snack that relates to it. Trevor is going to be Robin Hood. That is when my journey began. I had to come up with a costume AND a snack. Well I found the perfect tutorial over at Make It and Love's for Peter Pan, but will work in the case of a time crunch! And where do you find chocolate coins right now? Uh, not any of the places I looked, so I improvised. Trevor is bringing in Rolo's, they are individually wrapped in gold foil so he can take from the rich and give gold nuggets to the poor. Brilliant! I know.

Adam's PBL is Nursery Rhymes right now. They have to do something similar to end the unit. The kinders get to dress up as a character from their favorite Nursery Rhyme. Adam chose to be Little Boy Blue. So I guess he will be dressed in all blue since I don't have any clothing that resembles the picture below. I offered to make mini corn bread muffins, but he wanted real corn. The only problem is that finding corn on the cob is next to impossible. Sooooooo, I bought frozen corn kernels that I will heat up before we leave for school. I thought I was done with homework. Does it ever end? Apparently not.


M.M.E. said...

What a great way for kids to learn! I'm still an avid reader (and illustrator) of fairy tales so I'm always happy when I learn they're still being taught. Good luck with the costumes!

The Cookie Girl said...

What great thinking on these costumes and snacks.
I love nursery rhymes and so does Chloe. She knows many of them by heart.

Aunt Spicy said...

So creative, love the idea! And HELLO! I am so excited to be back on line! Now to get caught up!