Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letterboxing in the USA

The boys and I discovered something in the Fall through one of their friends. It's called Letterboxing. There are 2 sites I go to when we decide we need to go on an adventure. Some of the clues are fairly easy, while others are very cryptic. We did this one over the Winter Break.

After reading the clue the boys went off to see if they could find the box.

The clue said something about a bridge........ and here it is. Now to find where it lies.

Oh, under the bridge. Trevor was able to find it no problem.

The contents of the box are a stamp and a note pad. We put our own stamp in the notebook and used the stamp from the letterbox to add to our notebook.

The person who planted this box made their own stamp. Very creative.

For those of you who are interested in Letterboxing you can go to these sites:
1. Letterboxing North America
2. Atlas Quest: A Letterboxing Community
Go on, take your kids out for an adventure and give it a try. It's like finding a hidden treasure.


The Cookie Girl said...

This sounds like fun. :)

monica said...

This really sounds like fun! I will have to check it out! This is kind of like Geocatching that is done in our desert. They have GPS coordinates and like a burried take and give to the treasure for the next person.

Grand Pooba said...

Wait, so that was put there by someone else you don't even know? And they give you clues through a website?

jubilee said...

I just heard about his very activity from a friend. It sounds like a lot of fun. My kids love scavenger hunts and I love stamps!