Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking Forward to Summer

There is a story behind this here ice tray. Isn't there always a story? But of course! Luke and Trevor decided it would be great fun to take one of Adam's LEGO men and smash the head to smithereens. Between the two of them they smashed it, trashed it, destroyed it....into tiny little pieces. They are so kind. As a result they had to buy a new LEGO guy for their younger brother Adam. I went to the LEGO store and got him 3 new LEGO men. He loves them. But while I was there I found these very cool ice trays. They are shaped like little LEGO men. I just couldn't leave without them.

Aren't they cute? I made ice out of them immediately.

Luke is liking these ice trays. Can you tell by the smile on his face? Sheer joy.

Here is the LEGO ice guy a little closer.

In case you were wondering......Luke and Trevor didn't get off scott free, they had to pay for the new LEGO guys. That was their consequence for destroying something that doesn't belong to them. Adam got the better end of the deal, he got 3 guys instead of just a head. He also won't allow his brothers to play with his new LEGO men. Yet another natural consequence for bad behavior.

Now I need to come up with some fun ideas to fill these trays. Maybe frozen yogurt or jello. Do YOU have any ideas? What would you make with these fun little ice trays?


Tink said...

Those are some cute kids you have there. The Lego ice trays are adorable.

Aunt Spicy said...

STOP IT! I love these...have you seen the star wars pancake shapes at Williams and Sonoma!