Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny Bullies Suck on a Bike and other Random Thoughts

Today I needed a bit of randomness to round out the day. I am joining Keely over at The Un Mom.


Bullies Suck! My oldest was tackled and dog piled by a number of boys, a bit unprovoked. I know playing kickball can be pretty competitive and getting your turn to kick is ultra important. What these kids forgot to see is that one push can get out of hand very quickly.

Luke played a funny on me:
Luke: Mom, look under there.
Me: Under where?
Luke: Ah ha ha, I made you say it!
Get it? Underwear? He's such a card.

Was driving to school to pick up the boys and saw a great bumper sticker that said Gas Sucks, Ride a Bike. The irony? The lady driving the vehicle was overweight. Got a kick out of that.

Where did society go wrong? Very wrong! Kids of today have this unhealthy sense of entitlement. Like we OWE them. Owe them for what? We brought them into this world, don't they owe us? They owe us good behavior, good citizenship, manners, etc. I know it's up to us to teach them all that...and more, but those who don't are killin' me. An example: My youngest was at a birthday party, I picked him up and his first question? Where is my goody bag? I had to explain that he was there to celebrate a friend and their special day and the parent's are NOT required to hand out goodie bags. He wasn't happy about it,, but he got the point. Life doesn't hand you goody bags for showing up.

That's all I got for today.


VandyJ said...

life is more likely to kick you in the teeth than hand you a goody bag. Too bad too many parents don't want their kids to learn that.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Bullies absolutely suck! Sorry your oldest was tackled and dog piled.

I just pulled Luke's underwear joke on Princess Nagger - she thought it was funny. She said to tell him: "Say hi to your knee!" ;)

Good lesson imparted about the goody bags!

RTT: Stylin', Rats, Frogs and Princss Nagger

shopannies said...

oh I hate bullies as well. WE faced many in raising our six children

Tink said...

Bullies do suck. How did the boys like cobbler?

rachel... said...

Yes! About the goody bags! What makes me cringe is hearing: "But I waaaannt it!!" Give me a break and get used to not getting everything you want, kid!

Also, I think the irony of that bumper sticker is that it was on a CAR. :/

Julia said...

Oh those senseless goodie bags. And they are always filled with stuff that goes into the garbage making more to enter the land fill! Now where's my bumper sticker about that. . .