Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Fellow Target Shopper,

I know that I can talk loud, I mean it's hard not to when there are 3 boys who can drown the sound of my voice out, and it's easy to eavesdrop overhear what I am telling said boys. However when you kindly tell me what you think about my conversation with the boys I consider it crossing the line. I like to let my boys know what is going on and what to expect, especially when it comes to our new puppy.

I like to let them know that the first thing we do when we get home is let her out and take her to her potty spot so she can take care of business. I also like to get errands done in a timely manner so she isn't stuck in the crate for long periods of time.....and I explain that to the boys. When you, fellow shopper, ask me "Where is your dog?" and I answer "At home in her crate." and then respond with an "Oh, I don't like that." I don't really care.

I have to say I was rather polite to you and told you that is how we do things at our house. However I wanted to tell you that I could bring said puppy to your house and you could leave her unsupervised while you ran errands. I know you would have loved what you came home to.....a giant mess! Since you know so much about puppies then you won't mind her eliminating where she wants, chew on anything she wants, and has her way with your house and your things. So please let me know when you would like me to bring her over, I'm sure she would have a field day.

Suzi and Scout


Tink said...

What is she thinking. Not only is it better for you and your house it is best for your puppy to be in the crate. So she does not eat something that could hurt her. The crate is their safe place. If the kids are bothering her or she gets scared from fireworks she can go to her crate.

San-Dee said...

Good for you for holding your thoughts in front of the boys, and shame on that shopper for voicing hers! We have never crate trained our puppies, but it was a different time in our lifestyle and one of us was always home when they were little. If we get a new dog after Violet passes, I would definitely crate train, it's the safest way for the puppy.

She's a real cutey pie!

Corianda said...

Haha ! I know EXACTLY what you went through. In fact I think I have encountered this same women (or a doppleganger version). It's very fine for people to have their own opinions but at times it's best to keep this opinions to oneself. I've just gotten a new puppy who has to spend a bit of time in his pen and it breaks my heart but I know what the (amazingly gorgeous) little menace is capable of as I'm guessing Mrs Outspoken does not.

randi said...

oh so cute!

we use a crate for seamus too and i think it is wonderful. it is a safe place for him to stay when we can't watch him. that way we don't have give him away because he ate the couch, you know?

Grand Pooba said...

Great, now I'm in love. I want him!!!

And seriously, people should mind their own business!

Kate_ said...

It's crazy how the average person thinks they know more than the other average person when they know nothing about them.

Odie Langley said...

Suzi you are so right. Our puppy is just over a year old and is still our baby. We to have to be in control or suffer the consequences of having something we treasure chewed up while we are away. I have a picture of Rocky on my blog at and talk about how he has changed our lives for the good. Drop in anytime and have a wonderful weekend.

theUngourmet said...

Wow! How bizarre! People are so strange. There are plenty of trainers and handlers that highly recommend crating. Crazy chick! :D

rachel... said...

I don't know anything about puppies because I've never owned one, but did that helpful fellow Target shopper offer you an alternative or just rudely state her opinion?

Also, after seeing that picture, I'm now lamenting the fact that I've never owned a puppy. :( ADORABLE!