Tuesday, November 12, 2013


These are my girls. They bring me lots of love, laughter, friendship, and joy. I love these girls. We all got together for a night out. We went to see P!nk. What an amazing show.

Before the show we went to Amy's house, she is the nutritionist, Iron Chef teacher, PE teacher at the boys school. So with that said, anything she makes is very tasty. She was ready for us with some appetizers and wine.

After appetizers we went to the show. However we couldn't tell you who the opening act was because we went to the bar and had more wine. They look like little shot glasses, but I assure you there was a bit more than that in each cup. 
Once we heard the opener was done and P!nk was going to be on stage soon, we left our perch at the bar and found our seats. P!ink puts on an amazing show. She is very refreshing. She loves what she does. She is vibrant, energetic, and appreciates each and every one who is part of the band, as well as each and every one in the audience. 

P!nk dances, sings, and does these amazing stunts on stage and throughout the arena. There was a big cage ball that she was climbing in and around above the stage. She looked so incredibly comfortable doing it. Not a fear in the world that she could fall. She even flew around the arena and did acrobatics while flying through the air. Loved. Her. Show.

I was also impressed with her constant praise of the band, the backup dancers, and backup singers. She took the time to introduce each and every one of her people and did it enthusiastically. I could watch and listen to her all day. Hell, I'd love to be one of her backup dancers (clearly THAT is a long shot). 

Thanks for such an awesome night!


Tink said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love P!nk.