Monday, January 20, 2014

Hope's Quilt

Hope's quilt was a fun one.
I had joined an I-Spy fabric swap and received a lot of fun 4 inch squares with so many different objects on them. I ended up with 200 squares. I had joined other I-Spy swaps so I have an arsenal of fun printed fabric. 

A few years ago a dear friend of mine was in the process of adopting a little girl. Her name was going to be (and still is for my dear friend) Hope. What a beautiful name and it was perfect for this little girl. So when the baby shower was planned and held I knew I needed to make a quilt for Hope and her new mamma. I went through all my I-Spy squares and found all the ones that had pink in them. 

The quilt isn't anything fancy (I can only do simple when it comes to quilts). I made the center out of four squares in order to make one 8" square and then added pink sashing. As you can see by the picture below I then sewed more squares together to make a larger square around the sashing. I did this until I felt the quilt was done. The back is a fun giraffe print. 

I still think of this little girl and the life she could have had with my dear friend. Sadly my friend's heart was broken when the baby mamma decided to keep the baby. In my mind she is still Hope and it saddens me that this baby could have had a wonderful life with the family that was willing to give her a new and amazing life.

Even though Hope isn't living with a new family the quilt sits in a drawer. Maybe it will be Hope's, but maybe it will go to another little girl who means just as much, if not more to my dear friend. Love you sweet lady.


Heather said...

Suzi - both the nine patch and Hope quilts are awesome! Well done.

Christie Thomas said...

Suzi Q, it's adorable!! Such a thoughtful and loving post for Lisa and Hope! Xoxoxoxoxo