Monday, January 6, 2014

Word of the Year - Balance

2013 was a year of change. We had a lot going on and had to adapt to all the change. We moved, off the grid. It took some adjustment, but turned out well. We have all adjusted and it is working.

I am borrowing Pleasant Home's idea and assigning 2014 a word. My word is actually the same as hers......Balance. I have a hard time balancing it all, house, husband, kids, sports, errands, and my own bit of fun. There are things I want to do and things I need/have to do.

For instance I want to sew, take a hike, walk the dog, run/walk, do my exercise videos, garden, and the list goes on. I need/have to clean the house(s), do the laundry, complete Quickbooks, file paperwork, do the invoicing, go grocery shopping, cart kids around, pick up parts (sometimes) and that list goes on.

Now the tricky part is to find the balance to do it all. And do it successfully. Its tough, but doable. My priority now is to get my taxes done well before tax time so my accountant can better help me and my husbands business. I figure if I do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next month and a half I can get it done.

Another priority is to sew. I have about 5 quilt tops in progress. I need to focus on one and get it done. I know it will make me feel so much more accomplished if I can just get one done before I move on to the next. Again, it has to do with balance and prioritizing.

I'm thinking writing the word in big, bold letters might help me keep BALANCE in my life this year.

What is your word/goal for 2014?


Tink said...

I hope you find balance this year Suzi.