Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Valentine's Day Dates

For me, simple is better. Simple seems to take some thought, but is ultimately pretty easy. Five Valentine's Day Dates that I would enjoy are:

1. A nice long hike with my honey.
2. A picnic lunch.
3. Home cooked dinner in. And I mean home cooked by my honey.
4. A day at the beach.
5. I could even go for a movie on the couch.

I doesn't take much to amuse me. I would love to do these things with my honey alone, but they are all kid friendly "dates".

What is your ultimate Valentine's Day Date?


Tink said...

Sounds like some great dates.

Christie Thomas said...

Love all those, Suzi Q! This year we will be camping at the ocean on Valentines day, so I'm going to decorate the trailer, and plan to sit by the fire and maybe a walk along the beach after the kids are asleep that night!