Friday, August 7, 2009

Just a Rant

I live in limbo. What does that mean? It will be interesting to see if I can explain it in such a way for you to completely understand.

Jeff's birthday is Saturday.......oh, that's tomorrow. He has told the boys we will be going to Pismo for the weekend starting today. Well, this evening. That means we drive at night when the kids are tired and set up camp. Okay, I can deal with that. Then I hear "Dad says we aren't going til tomorrow." So what is it? Are we going today? Are we going tomorrow? Are we going at all? The answer I get is "Plan on going, but if it doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen."

Great get the kids hopes up and then just obliterate them. Meanwhile I don't know whether I should pack or not. I get "Go ahead and pack and then if we don't go you can just unpack." Just what I want......more work.

Right now he is working on a trailer for all the dirt bikes....that's least it will be ready IF. WE. GO. In his mind it was something he had to do anyway, so why not act like we are going to Pismo - a reason to get it done. AAAARRRRRGGGG!!!!

It is obnoxious that my social life is held in the balance of his schedule. I can't totally blame him for this, the company he is working for at the moment calls him day to day to let him know if he is needed. It. Is. Still. Frustrating.

To make matters worse, Trevor can't find his beloved dog and Adam has told him that he hid the dog. Trevor is getting belligerent with Adam and harassing him about finding his dog. He is also wandering around the house crying that he can't find the dog and trying to strong arm me into finding the dog. For 7 years I have kept tabs on this little guy and I am at a loss. He is miserable right now and will be worse for the wear if we can't find him before the alleged Pismo trip. What to do? Not sure. Maybe I should leave all the boys home and I go to Pismo. Alone.


Grand Pooba said...

Funny, before I finished your post I was thinking "She should just send them all off to Pismo and have a relaxing time at home!"

I guess vise versa works too! Sounds like a much needed glass of wine is in order.

cheers my friend!

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh sigh. I can relate to this post on so many levels! Seeing as I ADORE Pismo, I say get the car packed and get yourself out to that lovely little spot of land! Okay, take the kids and the hubby if you must...but go and enjoy!

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

I'll meet you there!

And I have a dollar if you need to borrow it. (day late dollar short) See I was still checking to make sure I didn't miss anybody!

Julia said...

Same old story gets old quickly with these men. My sympathies lie with us women. You know what I mean.

Maybe it's just that Doggie disappears. He was getting REALLY disgusting looking. Did you check the trash can?

Christina said...

You sound like me. I can't stand last minute plans, plans w/o details, or plans that lead to chaos. It drives me insane. DH finally understands why I get so frustrated, he blames it on OCD. However, it still doesn't keep him from doing it all the time. Maybe he wants me wearing a white jacket in a room with padded walls. Maybe I'll see you there.