Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Went to the Circus

Remember a few days ago I was in limbo? It was all about a trip to Pismo....our last trip for the summer since school starts next week. Well we went on a trip, but we ended up at the circus. After driving for, what seemed like half the day, this is what we found (I took the picture on our way out):

So once we realized that our few days away was going to be a very short afternoon and a long drive home we went into the dunes for a ride.

This is what we saw. There were campers, trucks, sand rails, quads, dirt bikes, tents, etc. from the lower parts of the sand highway all the way to the water front at high tide.

As far as the eye could see it was "wall to wall' organized chaos.

As if riding around in the dunes and making space for your own track with in the confines of caution tape (to claim your personal territory) weren't enough, someone brought in a Bounce House.

This guy was out to make a buck. His truck has the capability to pump out fresh water , pump out water from holding tanks, sell ice, and sell some fire wood. Who needs to go to town when you have someone like that?

Yep, this tow truck was busy too. We saw him and his compadres coming and going, towing trucks out of the place. I wonder how many axles, drive lines, etc. broke down this weekend. You can't read it, but it said Tonka on the front fender. That was the main reason I took the picture. The boys thought it was the coolest ever.

Pismo also had a very large section of beach closed off, which is why everyone appeared to be on top of each other. They are trying to save these two birds, one is the Snowy Plover and the other I can't remember. Apparently they are on the endangered list and lay their eggs in the sand.

As you can see, fun was had by all. Luke and Trevor were busy running their Tonka's through the water.

Adam was busy jumping waves.

This is the sunset we witnessed before we pulled out to head home. The boys had it easy, they got to sleep. Jeff and I? We were up til past 1 AM. I was tired.


Christina said...

Very cool. Glad you all still had fun. We are leaving Friday morning to take a vacation before school starts too. I'm sure I'll be super tired next week while I'm doing school shopping.

{Katie Lane} said...

Love the sunset photo over the beach. So pretty, brings back happy memories :)

Julia said...

The other bird is a Turn. Which kind I am not sure... I figured you'd want to know. *chuckle*

Aunt Spicy said...

As I read the post I thought...I am sure Julia knows what kind of bird it is! And well, of course she did!

Glad you had a great time...but wow is that a lot of people!

monica said...

Next year I so want to go to pismo beach. Looks beautiful. I think it's only 4 - 5 hour drive for us. We go to the desert all the time and have the toys for it. Looks beautiful best of both worlds!! Sorry about the sold out camping though.

Frogs in my formula said...

I am cracking up over that multi-tasking truck. Geesh.

Looks like your day ended on a beautiful note (the sunset, I mean). Going to bed at 1 not so much.

Tink said...

Looks like a beautiful sunset. Who needs sleep you can get that when your dead. lol