Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Impressionable Stage - Random Thoughts

I am joining Keely's Random Thought Tuesday today. Thought I'd give it a try regardless of how random, possibly weird my thoughts may be.

Does everyone have an "impressionable stage" in their relationships early on or is it just me? My dear, loving hubby went through what I like to call an "impressionable stage." This consists of doing things I am interested in such as hiking, mountain biking, snow/water skiing, etc. I'd like to think he was wooing me, but I could be wrong. Why can't this stage go on forever? Or is this just a ploy to give me what I want early on and then drop the act as soon as he gets what he wants.

Why is it when a family goes camping the woman gets to do all the work? Packing, shopping, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, etc. Men, they get all the fun! Fishing, 4 wheeling, dirt biking, socializing, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love to go camping, I just hate that most of the "duties" of camping are left to me. This must have been another of the "impressional stage" things because I recall getting more help with the duties before we were married. Hmmm, beginning to see a pattern here.

Am I the only living mother who doesn't have any interest in "throwing" my kids a birthday party? I mean honsestly, they are way out of control! Spend all kinds of money on gifts, party favors, food, decorations, etc. just to have it all unappreciated. Besides, party favors end up being junk that breaks in a matter of minutes because they are ALL made in CHINA. Half the stuff my kids bring home ends up in the garbage with in 5 minutes of playing with it. JUNK I tell ya.

When did the movies get so expensive? I took the boys to see UP and it cost me $50. Really? $50? I bought 4 tickets......matinee tickes, a small popcorn for the boys to share, a soda for each of the boys, and a box of Junior Mints for us all to share.......$50! Unbelieveable. As if those actors/actresses didn't make enough flippin' money! Thank goodness for $1 movies in the summer time.

What is it with boys and destruction? I am telling you, I can't have anything nice because they destroy it. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. The kicker is that they destroy MY stuff, not their or their dad's, but mine. The latest? The CD player in the truck. Boy #1 thought it would be cool to put a CD in the player with the truck off and the player totally full of CD's. Result? Can't get ANY out! Try as I might, I get CD ERROR every time I attempt to eject. Nothing of mine is sacred.

I think I may be a little crazy in the head. I am contemplating another 1/2 marathon, just 2 weeks before the Nike 1/2 marathon. I said contemplating....but am leaning heavily towards doing it. Keely how is the training going?


Mountain Woman said...

I got married at 18 so I don't remember that impressionable stage. Sounds wonderful though.
I agree with you about boys and destruction and birthday parties too. I haven't had to plan one in years but even back then they were out of control.
I haven't been to a movie in years because of the cost.
Anyway, I enjoyed your Random Tuesday Thoughts and hope to read more.

Roxane said...

Go for that Marathon! You can do it :)
I dont know much about the Impressionable stage, Mr.H and I have been seeing each-other for 3 years in September and we still find new hobbies together...That being said we arent married...I dunno

Kids birthday parties are such a crazy happening now-a-days! Maybe ill plan to have a christmas baby so I dont have to worry about ridiculous parties. Am I evil?! lol

Grand Pooba said...

You are officially crazy. 2 half marathons in 2 weeks? Yep, definately crazy. I know, I will take this opportunity to drive the 2 hours this weekend to your place to knock some sense into you. You DID say there is a winery across the street from you right? Of course that doesn't matter, I'm doing this for you Suz, for you!

Fine Hand said...

I hear you about birthday son just celebrated his and instead of junky loot bags I bought them each a kids magazine and that was it! Hurray for simplicity!

Frogs in my formula said...

The wooing stage is exactly what it is! Chuck was Mr. Hiker when we were dating. We had mountain bikes and trail books and now...the bikes are in the garage collecting cobwebs and I hike with my friends b/c he has a "bad back."

I won't even go to the movies anymore. I buy the movie on DVD. It's less expensive--which is nuts!

Jennifer said...

One of my girls put a nickel in the CD player in my car. Thank goodness for my iPod!

We spent the same on Up, too! It's crazy. And I'm with you on the birthday parties. I just don't get it!

Happy RTT!

Julia said...

You know me. Just start kicking some ass.

Debbie said...

I have always felt the same way about birthday parties. I hate that it has gotten so out of hand.
And we never, ever go to the movies for that very reason. Who can afford it?

Tink said...

I can't remember the impressionable state, It will be 21 years for me and hubby July 9. I don't do birthday parties. If the grandparents want to come over that's fine but no cake or decorations. I'm all for you to do a 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before. It can be your training run and you get a t-shirt and a medal. You know me I'm a trophy whore!!!

Aunt Spicy said...

Hilarious! I just adore this post! I may have to start tracking my random thoughts!

Mammatalk said...

1/2 marathon? You, go, little lady!

Yarni Gras! said...

Dean never had an impressionable stage.....*sigh*
As for the parties, yes, I WAS one of those moms. But for my daughter....our son didn't care less. But Curly Girl planned her parties out 3 years IN ADVANCE! HA! I would actually research stuff so I could get crafting early on. Her parties always rocked. Now she is older and doesn't really care so I'm off the hook! Love the rest of your random post!